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"In providing our Cost Segregation expertise
to CPAs, we're committed to working with them as allies, never as competitors."

CEO - Madison Specs

Teamwork: Partner with us on Cost Segregation

Madison SPECS has a history of working successfully with CPA and Financial Planning firms. Most CPAs and Financial Planners are aware of the tax benefits of Cost Segregation but few have the in-house expertise to conduct supportable Cost Segregation studies. Madison SPECS enhances the range of client services provided by CPAs and other cost segregation vendors, offering a valuable point of differentiation.


    We do not compete with accountants. Instead, we focus on one specific area of the tax code.  Our team of in-house accountants, engineers and tax experts work exclusively on Cost Segregation.


    Many accounting firms outsource their Cost Segregation work to Madison SPECS, confident that they are providing their clients with value-added services that can reduce their taxes and improve cash flow.  Through our Alliance Program, we also offer a work-share agreement allowing the CPA or Financial Planner to earn a share of the fees from the Cost Segregation study.

    Madison SPECS offers flexibility to CPAs and Financial Planners. We can work closely with the CPA firm or more directly with the client. However, we keep all parties fully informed throughout every phase of the process.

    Madison SPECS builds long-term relationships with CPA and Financial Planning firms. We convey information about new developments in cost segregation, participate in and offer business development seminars, and provide marketing materials to educate their current and potential clients about the value of Cost Segregation studies.

    Because Madison SPECS adheres to the highest IRS standards, CPAs and Financial Planners turn to us with full confidence that our analysis and documentation will pass an IRS audit.
Read Program Mechanics for details on our cost segregation vendors.

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