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Learn How Cost Segregation Provides Tax Benefits and Improves Your Cash Flow.
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"Improving your cash flow by reducing your taxable income is the goal of our cost segregation specialists."

Madison SPECS

Why Turn To Madison SPECS?

Madison SPECS has an experienced team of engineers, accounting and tax experts who work exclusively on cost segregation studies to ensure that you obtain the greatest tax benefits from your real estate holdings.


Our experienced engineering and tax professionals perform a thorough fixed asset analysis in order to identify all assets that are eligible for accelerated depreciation. This is accomplished through a personal site tour, an expert review of site surveys and blueprints as well as a comprehensive review of all appropriate background records and relevant financial information from your CPA or tax advisors.


Our cost specialists determine the cost of the assets using the most widely accepted sources of construction cost information.


Our tax experts capture the greatest benefits for you and provide full documentation as part of their services based on recommendations from the IRS in its Cost Segregation Audit Technique Guide. Your CPA or tax advisors will find this documentation valuable in the event of an audit.

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