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"Our in-house engineers have decades of experience identifying and determining the value of eligible assets,
using the most widely accepted sources of construction cost information, such as
RS Means."

CEO - Madison Specs

Meet Madison Employees


Madison SPECS CEO, is a Certified Public Accountant with over 24 years of broad-based tax experience. In 2006 he partnered with Madison Commercial Real Estate Services to form Madison SPECS, LLC, providing expert cost segregation and fixed asset review services. more


Moshe S. Hildeshaim is Director of Operations for Madison SPECS, LLC. In that capacity, Mr. Hildeshaim assists in assigning, overseeing and reviewing all cost segregation studies for Madison SPECS, an affiliate of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services. Additionally, Mr. Hildeshaim deals with client needs and provides direction on all sales and marketing efforts for the division. more


Director of Engineering, is a highly experienced project manager, having performed over a thousand of Cost Segregation Studies completed, covering a wide range of properties such as multifamily, office, retail, hotels, industrial, mixed use, and self-storage. He also has extensive experience in conducting Insurable Value Studies of such properties as office buildings, retail buildings, warehouses, low and high-rise apartment buildings and co-ops, and school buildings. more


Engineering Manager, has more than 20 years experience in Cost Segregation Analysis. He has participated in Cost Segregation Studies of manufacturing and pharmaceutical operations, retail businesses, office complexes and research and development facilities. In addition, he has performed Insurable Value Studies of all types of industrial and commercial properties and assisted in Ad Valorem tax studies. Mr. Bertinelli authored "Uncovering Value from a Cost Segregation Study" for the November/December 1995 issue of Mergers and Acquisitions. more


Charles Tover, CPA is the Tax Director for Madison SPECS, a division of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services. In this capacity, Mr. Tover is responsible for staying current on tax law changes and interfacing with clients and their tax advisors on Cost Segregation. He also prepares and reviews tax-engineering Cost Segregation studies. Mr. Tover earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Accounting from University of Southern California in 1982. more


Ari Lasky, CPA is a Senior Tax Associate for Madison SPECS, LLC, a division of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services. In this capacity, Mr. Lasky is involved with operations, preparing tax-engineering cost segregation studies for Madison SPECS clients as well as conducting tax research. Before joining Madison SPECS, Mr. Lasky worked at Leshkowitz & Co. as a Senior Auditor/Tax Accountant. There, he prepared tax returns as well as performed audits and reviews of the financial records of various entities with a strong focus in real estate. Prior to that, he worked for Time Equities as an Internal Auditor. more


Yitz Goldman is Vice President of Business Development for Madison SPECS. In this capacity, he is responsible for developing and managing the growing SPECS sales team. This includes hiring, onboarding and continually motivating the expanding unit as well as providing supportive direction and effective tools to enable them to best service clients. Mr. Goldman also serves as a bridge between clients and SPECS Operations, ensuring every project is handled with seamless efficiency. A major component of his role is identifying opportunities for growth to ensure that Madison SPECS remains at the forefront of the Cost Segregation industry. more


Regional Business Director, Madison SPECS
Leo Rosenbaum is Regional Business Director of Madison SPECS, a division of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services. With 10 years in that position, Mr. Rosenbaum builds trusted client relationships by advising valued clients on how to accelerate depreciation in order to take full advantage of tax savings. Mr. Rosenbaum’s vibrant energy and rapid analytical skills make him an esteemed advisor to clients and co-workers alike. more


Regional Business Director, Madison SPECS
Yonah Weiss is Regional Business Director of Madison SPECS, a division of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services. Renowned for his knowledge in cost segregation, Mr. Weiss is a sought after resource throughout the Commercial Real Estate industry. more


Ike Marvet is VP of Cost Segregation for Madison SPECS, specializing in building and maintaining high-level relationships with accountants and real estate investors across the country. more


As the Regional Sales Manager for Madison SPECS, Isaac’s passion for connecting and networking is unmatched. He thrives on building relationships, especially within the real estate community, where he’s become a recognized figure. His magnetic personality and dedication to his craft have led to numerous invitations to share his insights on podcasts and live shows, where he’s engaged in conversations with renowned real estate personalities. more



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