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Learn How Cost Segregation Provides Tax Benefits and Improves Your Cash Flow.
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"A comprehensive and appropriately documented cost segregation analysis maximizes a building's tax benefits by identifying, classifying, and segregating a much larger percentage of a building�s assets for accelerated depreciation for federal income tax purposes."

From THE PRACTICING CPA the Journal of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

What is Cost Segregation?


A cost segregation study is a tax and engineering analysis of real estate that identifies and reclassifies eligible assets for accelerated depreciation.

Why turn to
Madison SPECS?

Madison SPECS has an experienced team of accounting, engineering and tax experts who work exclusively on cost segregation studies to ensure that you obtain the greatest tax benefits from your real estate holdings. read more

What are the benefits
of Cost Segregation?


Accelerating part of a building�s tax deductions for depreciation can generate considerable tax benefits for you. You can expect to save about $150,000 to $200,000 in net present value for each $1 million of assets reclassified from a 27.5/39-year depreciable life period to a five-year depreciable life period.


Maximizing your annual deductions for depreciation will reduce your taxable income and improve your cash flow.

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